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Volume 57(2), December, 2010


  1. Reproductive success of the white stork Ciconia ciconia population in intensively cultivated farmlands in Western Poland Jakub Z. KOSICKI (Pages 243-255).
  2. Importance of Orthoptera in the nestling diet of southern grey shrikes in agricultural areas Francisco CAMPOS, Miguel MIRANDA and Raúl MARTÍN (Pages 257-265).
  3. Breeding ecology of long-tailed tits Aegithalos caudatus in Northwestern Spain: phenology, nest-site selection, nest success and helping behaviour Ángel HERNÁNDEZ (Pages 267-284).
  4. Vegetational versus topographical effects on forest bird communities: a test in the Cantabrian Mixed Forest Ecoregion (Spain) Tomás SANTOS, Aitor GALARZA, Álvaro RAMÍREZ, Javier PÉREZ-TRIS, Roberto CARBONELL and José Luis TELLERÍA (Pages 285-302).
  5. Short-term dynamics and spatial pattern of nocturnal birds inhabiting a Mediterranean agricultural mosaic José M. REY BENAYAS, Enrique DE LA MONTAÑA, Lorenzo PÉREZ-CAMACHO, Marcelino DE LA CRUZ, David MORENO-MATEOS, Juan L. PAREJO, Susana SUÁREZ SEOANE and Ismael GALVÁN (Pages 303-320).
  6. Seasonal decline in egg size and yolk androgen concentration in a double brooded passerine Isabel LÓPEZ-RULL, Concepción SALABERRIA and Diego GIL (Pages 321-332).
  7. Sexual dichromatism in mediterranean storm petrels Hydrobates pelagicus melitensis Y. V. ALBORES-BARAJAS, B. MASSA, K. GRIFFITHS and C. SOLDATINI (Pages 333-337).
  8. Fine-scale habitat selection by two specialist woodpeckers occurring in beech and oak dominated forest in Southern Belgium Laurence DELAHAYE, David MONTICELLI, François LEHAIRE, Jacques RONDEUX and Hugues CLAESSENS (Pages 339-362).
  9. Habitat selection of the little bustard during the beginning of an agricultural year Nuno FARIA and João Paulo SILVA (Pages 363-373).
  10. Temporal dynamics of passerine bird migration in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula Pavel ZEHTINDJIEV, Mihaela ILIEVA and Maria I. BOGDANOVA (Pages 375-386).
  11. New data on the population, distribution and habitat preferences of the Canary Islands stonechat Saxicola dacotiae Javier SEOANE, Alexandra KOURI, Juan Carlos ILLERA, David PALOMINO, César L. ALONSO and Luis M. CARRASCAL (Pages 387-405).
  12. Breeding biology of the little bittern Ixobrychus minutus in the Ebro Delta (NE Spain) Fabricio PARDO-CERVERA, Iben Hove SØRENSEN, Cristian JENSEN, Xavier RUIZ and Cristina SÁNCHEZ-ALONSO (Pages 407-416).
  13. Vagrancy or migration: why do American teals cross the Atlantic? Eduardo DE JUANA and Ernest F. J. GARCIA (Pages 417-430).

Short communications

  1. Structural and mechanical differences between original and replaced feathers in blackcaps Sylvia Atricapilla Iván DE LA HERA, Anders HEDENSTRÖM, Javier PÉREZ-TRIS and José Luis TELLERÍA (Pages 431-436).
  2. Tandem repeats in the mtDNA control region of the southern grey shrike endemic to the Canary Islands. M. Ángeles HERNÁNDEZ, Francisco CAMPOS and David P. PADILLA (Pages 437-441).
  3. Diet of adult lesser kestrels Falco Naumanni during the breeding season in central Spain Cristian PÉREZ-GRANADOS (Pages 443-448).

Special articles

  1. Spanish names for the world birds recommended by the Spanish Ornithological Society (Fourteenth part: order Passeriformes, familias Ploceidae to Parulidae) Eduardo DE JUANA, Josep DEL HOYO, Manuel FERNÁNDEZ-CRUZ, Xavier FERRER, Ramón SÁEZ-ROYUELA and Jordi SARGATAL (Pages 449-456).


  1. Summary of doctoral theses (2009-2010) Francisco VALERA (Ed.) (Pages 457-480).
  2. Report on rare birds in Spain 2008 José Ignacio DIES, Juan Antonio LORENZO, Ricard GUTIÉRREZ, Elías GARCÍA, Gorka GOROSPE, Jordi MARTÍ-ALEDO, Pablo GUTIÉRREZ, César VIDAL, Sergi SALES and Daniel LÓPEZ VELASCO (Pages 481-516).
  3. Ornithological News Blas MOLINA, Javier PRIETA, Juan Antonio LORENZO (Canarias) and Carlos LÓPEZ-JURADO (Baleares) (Pages 517-549).

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