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Íñigo ZUBEROGOITIA, Juan José TORRES and José Antonio MARTÍNEZ

Population reinforcement of Eagle Owl Bubo bubo in Biscay (Spain)

Volume 50(2), 2003, 237-244. Research articles.


Factors afecting the vocal behaviour of Eagle Owl Bubo bubo: effects of season density and territory quality

Volume 50(2), 2003, 255-258. Short communications.

José Antonio MARTÍNEZ, José Enrique MARTÍNEZ, Íñigo ZUBEROGOITIA, Jesús T. GARCÍA, Roberto CARBONELL, Manuela DE LUCAS and Mario DÍAZ

Environmental impact assessment on raptor populations: difficulties in implementation and a search for solutions

Volume 50(1), 2003, 85-102. Forum.

Íñigo ZUBEROGOITIA, Agurtzane IRAETA and José Antonio MARTÍNEZ

Kleptoparasitism by Peregrine Falcons on Carrion Crows

Volume 49(1), 2002, 103-104. Short communications.

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