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Long-term shifts in admissions of birds to wildlife recovery centres reflect changes in societal attitudes towards wildlife in Spain

Volume 69.2, 2022, 291-302. Short communications.

Alejandro MARTÍNEZ-ABRAÍN, Juan JIMÉNEZ, Juan Antonio GÓMEZ and Daniel ORO

Differential waterbirds population dynamics after long-term protection: the influence of diet and habitat type

Volume 63.1, 2016, 79-101. Reviews.

Alejandro MARTÍNEZ-ABRAIN, Jorge CRESPO, Juan JIMÉNEZ, Andrew PULLIN, Gavin STEWART and Daniel ORO

Friend or foe: Societal shifts from intense persecution to active conservation of top predators

Volume 55(1), 2008, 111-119. Forum.

Alejandro MARTÍNEZ-ABRAÍN and Daniel ORO

Can ornithology advance as a science relying on significance testing? A literature review in search of a consensus

Volume 52(2), 2005, 377-387. Forum.

Alejandro MARTÍNEZ-ABRAIN, Beatriz ESPARZA and Daniel ORO

Lack of blood parasites in bird species: Does absence of blood parasite vectors explain it all?

Volume 51(1), 2004, 225-232. Forum.

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