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Demografic and breeding performance of a new kelp gull Larus dominicanus colony in Patagonia, Argentina

Volume 61.1, 2014, 3-14. Research articles.

Pablo YORIO, Cristian MARINAO, María Valeria RETANA and Nicolás SUÁREZ

Differential use of food resources between the kelp gull Larus dominicanus an the threatened Olrog´s gull L. atlanticus

Volume 60(1), 2013, 29-44. Research articles.

Nicolás SUÁREZ, María Valeria RETANA and Pablo YORIO

Temporal changes in diet and prey selection in the threatened Olrog´s gull Larus atlanticus breeding in southern Buenos Aires, Argentina

Volume 58 (1), 2011, 35-47. Research articles.

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