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Javier SEOANE (Editor-in-chief)


Volume 68.2, 2021, 497-497. Sections.

Javier SEOANE (Editor-in-chief)

Editors´ Acknowledgements

Volume 67.2, 2020, 495-495. Unclassified articles.

Javier SEOANE (editor jefe)

Editors´ acknowledgements

Volume 66.2, 2019, 421-421. Sections.

José Luis COPETE (editor)

The Books Reviews section of Ardeola publishes reviews of the publications received and deposited in the library of SEO/BirdLife. Most reviews are solicited by editors to individual contributors, but additional reviews are always most welcome.Reviews express the opinions of the individual reviewer. As such, they are subjetive assessments and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors or any official policy of SEO/BirdLife

Volume 65.2, 2018, 305-313. Sections.

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