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Juan Carlos IllERA, Álvaro RAMÍREZ, Laura RODRÍGUEZ, Konstantinos POlYPATHELLIS and Javier PÉREZ-TRIS

Maternal genetic structure reveals an incipient differentiation in the Canary Islands Chiffchaff Phylloscopus canariensis

Volume 67.2, 2020, 401-414. Research articles.

Mohammed ALMALKI, Krisztina KUPÁN, María Cristina CARMONA-ISUNZA, Pedrin LÓPEZ, Ana VEIGA, András KOSZTOLÁNYI, Tamás SZÉKELY and Clemens KÜPPER

Morphological and genetic differentiation among Kentish Plover Charadrius alexandrinus populations in Macaronesia

Volume 64.1, 2017, 3-16. Research articles.


Spatial patterns of genetic diversity in Mediterranean eagle owl Bubo bubo population

Volume 61.1, 2014, 45-62. Research articles.

Juli BROGGI, José Luis COPETE, Laura KVIST and Raimon MARINÉ

Is there genetic differentiation in the Pynerean population of Tengmalm´s owl Aegolius funereus?

Volume 60(1), 2013, 123-132. Short communications.

Martin HAASE and Valentin ILYASHENKO

A glimpse on mitochondrial differenciation among four currently recognized subspecies of the common crane Grus grus

Volume 59(1), 2012, 131-136. Short communications.

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