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Francisco SANTANDER, Sergio ALVARADO and Cristián F. ESTADES

Effect of forest cover on raptor abundance in exotic forest plantations in Chile

Volume 68.2, 2021, 391-408. Research articles.


Breeding Biology of Montagu´s Harrier Circus pygargus in south-eastern Spain

Volume 66.1, 2019, 3-11. Research articles.

Emmanuel ZUFIAURRE, Mariano CODESIDO, Agustín M. ABBA and David BILENCA

The role os stubble type and spilled seed biomass on the abundance of seed-eating birds in agroecosystems

Volume 64.1, 2017, 31-48. Research articles.

Manuel B. MORALES, Juan J. OÑATE, Irene GUERRERO and Leandro MELÉNDEZ

Influence of landscape and field-level agricultural management on a Mediterranean farmland winter bird community

Volume 62.1, 2015, 49-65. Research articles.

Jesús DUARTE, Miguel Ángel FARFÁN, John E. FA and Juan Mario VARGAS

Habitat-related effects on temporal variations in red-legged patridge Alectoris rufa abundance estimations in olive groves

Volume 61.1, 2014, 31-43. Research articles.


Effect of the cereal harvest and causes of reproductive failure in a breeding population of Montagu's Harrier (Circus pygargus L.) in the SE of Ciudad Real (central Spain).

Volume 42(2), 1995, 167-172. Research articles.

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