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Juan Antonio GIL, Miguel Ángel GÓMEZ-SERRANO and Pascual LÓPEZ-LÓPEZ

Population decline of the Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus aquitanicus in the Central Pyrenees

Volume 67.2, 2020, 285-306. Research articles.

M. Ángeles ROJO, M. Ángeles HERNÁNDEZ, Francisco CAMPOS, Tomás SANTAMARÍA, Susana DIAS and Patricia CASANUEVA

The Iberian Peninsula is an area of infection by Haemoproteus payevskyi and Haemoproteus nucleocondensus for the white-throated dipperCinclus cinclus

Volume 62.2, 2015, 373-382. Short communications.

Alba ESTRADA, Beatriz ARROYO and Ana Luz MÁRQUEZ

Possible changes in favourability areas for montagu´s and hen harriers in Spain according to climate change scenarios

Volume 57(Especia, 2010, 123-128. Short communications.

Alfonso BALMORI, Miguel Ángel CUESTA and José María CABALLERO

Distribution of Iberian chiffchaff (Phylloscopus brehmii) and European chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita) in riparian forests of Castilla y León (Spain)

Volume 49(1), 2002, 19-27. Research articles.


Seasonal variation of a passerine community in a Mediterranean high-mountain

Volume 37(2), 1990, 219-228. Research articles.


Composition and structure of the breeding passerine bird communities in the high mountain of Sierra Nevada (southern Spain)

Volume 35(2), 1988, 197-220. Research articles.


Morphological structure of an high-mountain passerine bird community (Sierra Nevada, SE Spain).

Volume 35(1), 1988, 71-95. Research articles.

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