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Three decades of crimes and misdemeanours in the nest box life of European Pied Flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca

Volume 68.2, 2021, 315-333. Research articles.

Lucía M. IBÁÑEZ, Vanina D. FIORINI, Diego MONTALTI, Osvaldo DI IORIO and Paola TURIENZO

Parasitism by botflies Philornis sp. on European satarlings Sturnus vulgaris, an exotic bird in Argentina

Volume 62.2, 2015, 363-372. Short communications.

Vicente GARCÍA-NAVAS, Luis ARROYO and Juan José SANZ

Woodcrete nestboxes: are they adequate for multibrooded species?

Volume 57(1), 2010, 159-166. Short communications.

Sara SÁNCHEZ, José Javier CUERVO and Eulalia MORENO

Suitable cavities as a scarce resource for both cavity and non-cavity nesting birds in managed temperate forests. A case study in the Iberian Peninsula

Volume 54(2), 2007, 261-274. Research articles.


The succession of bird communities in the plantations of Pinus sylvestris in the Ayllón massif (Sistema Central mountains, Spain)

Volume 32(2), 1985, 253-277. Research articles.

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