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Juan Carlos IllERA, Álvaro RAMÍREZ, Laura RODRÍGUEZ, Konstantinos POlYPATHELLIS and Javier PÉREZ-TRIS

Maternal genetic structure reveals an incipient differentiation in the Canary Islands Chiffchaff Phylloscopus canariensis

Volume 67.2, 2020, 401-414. Research articles.

Juan Carlos ILLERA, Lewis G. SPURGIN, Eduardo RODRIGUEZ-EXPOSITO, Manuel NOGALES and Juan Carlos RANDO

What are we learning about speciation and extinction from the Canary Islands?

Volume 63.1, 2016, 15-34. Reviews.


New data and an overview of the past avifaunas from the Canary Islands

Volume 57(1), 2010, 13-40. Research articles.

Guillermo BLANCO, Jorge L. PAIS, Juan A. FARGALLO, Jaime POTTI, Jesús A. LEMUS and José A. DÁVILA

High proportion of non breeding individuals in an isolated red-billed chough population on an oceanic island (La Palma, Canary Islands)

Volume 56(2), 2009, 229-239. Research articles.

Ricardo CEIA, Rúben HELENO and Jaime A. RAMOS

Summer abundance and ecological distribution of passerines in native and exotic forests in São Miguel, Azores

Volume 56(1), 2009, 25-39. Research articles.

Eduardo GARCÍA-DEL-REY, Will CRESSWELL, Chistopher M. PERRINS and Andrew G. GOSLER

Evolutionary trends and extreme cases of life history traits in the Canary Island blue tit Cyanistes teneriffae on oceanic islands (Canary Islands)

Volume 54(1), 2007, 27-39. Research articles.


New data of fossil birds from El Hierro (Canary Islands): probable causes of extinction and some biogeographical considerations

Volume 49(1), 2002, 39-49. Research articles.

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