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Julia GÓMEZ-CATASÚS, Luis M. CARRASCAl, Virginia MORALEDA, José COlSA, Fernando GARCÉS and Claudia SCHUSTER

Factors affecting differential underestimates of bird collision fatalities at electric lines: a case study in the Canary Islands

Volume 68.1, 2021, 71-94. Research articles.

Juan Carlos IllERA, Álvaro RAMÍREZ, Laura RODRÍGUEZ, Konstantinos POlYPATHELLIS and Javier PÉREZ-TRIS

Maternal genetic structure reveals an incipient differentiation in the Canary Islands Chiffchaff Phylloscopus canariensis

Volume 67.2, 2020, 401-414. Research articles.

Juan C. ALONSO, Carlos PALACÍN and Inmaculada ABRIL-COLÓN

The Lanzarote population of the African Houbara Chlamydotis undulata fuerteventurae: census, sex ratio, productivity, and proposed new survey method

Volume 67.1, 2020, 69-83. Short communications.


Inferring the wintering distribution of the mediterranean populations of European Storm-petrels Hydrobates pelagicus melitensis from stable isotope analysis and observational field data

Volume 66.1, 2019, 13-32. Research articles.

Mohammed ALMALKI, Krisztina KUPÁN, María Cristina CARMONA-ISUNZA, Pedrin LÓPEZ, Ana VEIGA, András KOSZTOLÁNYI, Tamás SZÉKELY and Clemens KÜPPER

Morphological and genetic differentiation among Kentish Plover Charadrius alexandrinus populations in Macaronesia

Volume 64.1, 2017, 3-16. Research articles.

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