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Exequiel GONZALEZ, Adrián JAUREGUI and Luciano N. SEGURA

The impacts of parasitic flies (Philornis spp.) on nestlings of three passerines in a southern temperate forest of Argentina

Volume 69.1, 2022, 3-20. Research articles.

Lucía M. IBÁÑEZ, Vanina D. FIORINI, Diego MONTALTI, Osvaldo DI IORIO and Paola TURIENZO

Parasitism by botflies Philornis sp. on European satarlings Sturnus vulgaris, an exotic bird in Argentina

Volume 62.2, 2015, 363-372. Short communications.


Influence of the breeding success on the re-use of nests by the Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos L.)

Volume 40(1), 1993, 27-31. Research articles.

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