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Cristina VALLINO, Enrico CAPRIO, Fabrizio GENCO, Dan CHAMBERLAIN, Claudia PALESTRINI, Angela ROGGERO, Massimo BOCCA and Antonio ROLANDO

Flocking of foraging Yellow-billed Choughs Pyrrhocorax graculus reflects the availability of grasshoppers and the extent of human influence in high elevation ecosystems

Volume 68.1, 2021, 53-70. Research articles.

Mattia PANZERI, Mattia MENCHETTI and Emiliano MORI

Habitat use and diet of the Eurasian scops owl Otus scops in the beeding and wintering periods in Central Italy

Volume 61.2, 2014, 393-399. Short communications.


Diet composition and prey choice of the Southern grey shrike Lanius meridionalis L. in South-eastern Spain: the importance of vertebrates in the diet

Volume 53(2), 2006, 237-249. Research articles.

Casimiro CORBACHO, Ricardo MORÁN and María A. VILLEGAS

The diet of Montagu's Harriers Circus pygargus in relation to land-use systems in pseudosteppe areas of Extremadura (SW Iberian Peninsula)

Volume 52(1), 2005, 3-19. Research articles.

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