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Matías Guillermo PRETELLI, Juan Pablo ISACCH and Daniel Augusto CARDONI

Species-area relationships of specialist versus opportunistic pampas grassland birds depend on the surrounding landscape matrix

Volume 65.1, 2018, 3-23. Research articles.

Julieta PEDRANA, Lucía BERNAD, Néstor Oscar MACEIRA and Juan Pablo ISACCH


Niche overlap determination through habitat suitability models: a management tool for native birds of he Argentinean pampas

Volume 65.1, 2018, 25-40. Research articles.

Pablo Germán BRANDOLIN, Pedro Gerardo BLENDINGER and Juan José CANTERO

From relict saline wetlands to new ecosystems: changes in bird assemblages

Volume 63.2, 2016, 329-348. Research articles.

Massimiliano DI VITTORIO, Andrea CIACCIO, Salvatore GRENCI and Luca LUISELLI

Ecological modelling of the distribution of the lanner Falco biarmicus feldeggii in Sicily at two spatial scales

Volume 62.1, 2015, 81-94. Research articles.

Mattia PANZERI, Mattia MENCHETTI and Emiliano MORI

Habitat use and diet of the Eurasian scops owl Otus scops in the beeding and wintering periods in Central Italy

Volume 61.2, 2014, 393-399. Short communications.


Age and sex differences in fuel load and biometrics of aquatic warblers Acrocephalus paludicola at an autumn stopover site intre Loire estuary (NW Frace)

Volume 61.1, 2014, 15-30. Research articles.

Matías Guillermo PRETELLI, Juan Pablo ISACCH and Daniel Augusto CARDONI

Year-round abundance, richness and nesting of the bird assemblage of tall grasslands in the south-east pampas region, Argentina

Volume 60(2), 2013, 327-345. Research articles.

Mattia BRAMBILLA, Giuseppe MARTINO and Paolo PEDRINI

Changes in song thrush Turdus philomelos density and habitat association in apple orchards during the beeding season

Volume 60(1), 2013, 73-83. Research articles.

Luis M. CARRASCAL, Javier SEOANE, David PALOMINO and César Luis ALONSO

Habitat preferences, population size and demographic trends of houbara bustard Chlamydotis undulata in Lanzarote and La Graciosa (Canary Islands)

Volume 53(2), 2006, 251-269. Research articles.

Eduardo DE JUANA and Ángela M. GARCÍA

Fluctuations related to rainfall in richness and abundance of birds of steppic Mediterranean habitats

Volume 52(1), 2005, 53-66. Research articles.

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