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José Luis TELLERÍA, Guillermo FANDOS, Javier FERNÁNDEZ-LÓPEZ, Alejandro ONRUBIA and Pablo REFOYO

Winter distribution of passerine richeness in the Magheb (North Africa): a conservation assessment

Volume 61.2, 2014, 335-350. Research articles.


Demografic and breeding performance of a new kelp gull Larus dominicanus colony in Patagonia, Argentina

Volume 61.1, 2014, 3-14. Research articles.

Luis Santiago CANO-ALONSO and José Luis TELLERÍA

Breeding productivity in relation to nesting breeeding productivity in relation to nesting substrate and nest site accesibility to humans in the black stork Ciconia nigra

Volume 60(2), 2013, 357-363. Short communications.

Ricardo CASAUX, Analía RAMÓN, María Alejandra TARTARA, Verónica BORRELL and Romina GONC

Diet of breeding Neotropic cormorants at the Carrileufu river, Patagonia: is there any impact on recreational fish resources?

Volume 59(2), 2012, 279-289. Research articles.

Xianhai ZENG and Xin LU

Breeding ecology of a burrow-nesting passerine, the white-rumped snowfinch Montifringilla taczanowskii

Volume 56(2), 2009, 173-187. Research articles.

Juan Pablo CASTAÑO

Population dynamics of the Spanish imperial eagle Aquila adalberti in Toledo province (1989 - 2006)

Volume 54(2), 2007, 309-317. Research articles.

Eduardo GARCÍA-DEL-REY, Will CRESSWELL, Chistopher M. PERRINS and Andrew G. GOSLER

Evolutionary trends and extreme cases of life history traits in the Canary Island blue tit Cyanistes teneriffae on oceanic islands (Canary Islands)

Volume 54(1), 2007, 27-39. Research articles.

Iñigo ZUBEROGOITIA, José Enrique MARTÍNEZ, José Antonio MARTÍNEZ, Jabi ZABALA, José Francisco CALVO, Iñaki CASTILLO, Ainara AZKONA, Agurtzane IRAETA and Sonia HIDALGO

Influence of management practices on nest site habitat selection, breeding and diet of the common buzzard Buteo buteo in two different areas of Spain

Volume 53(1), 2006, 83-98. Research articles.

Eduardo DE JUANA and Ángela M. GARCÍA

Fluctuations related to rainfall in richness and abundance of birds of steppic Mediterranean habitats

Volume 52(1), 2005, 53-66. Research articles.

Juan Carlos ALONSO, Carlos A. MARTÍN, Carlos PALACÍN, Beatriz MARTÍN and Marina MAGAÑA

The Great Bustard Otis tarda in Andalusia, southern Spain: status, distribution and trends

Volume 52(1), 2005, 67-78. Research articles.

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