Osteological identification key for the Iberian Passerines. III. Muscicapidae

Authors: MORENO, E.

Published: Volume 34(2), December 1987. Pages 243-273.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Clave osteológica para la identificación de los Passeriformes ibéricos. 3. Muscicapidae

Keywords: Iberian Passerirormes, identification key and osteological study.


The study of the family Muscicapidae concludes the comparative osteological survey of the Iberian Passeriformes started in previous issues. The different cranial and post-cranial morphological characters on which the identification keys are based are described. The biometric data (tabla 1) which are useful for the specific discrimination of the Muscicapidae family are also given. It should be noted that all specimens studied were adult birds in which the different morphological characteristics analysed were perfectly defined. It is not k.nown how these characteristics might appear in young specimens. These biometric data should be used with caution as they concern only Iberian populations. The small sample size for some species could the discrimination values, but on no occasion were values of p<0.05 calculated.

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