Sexual dimorphism in the Azure-winged Magpie, Cyanopica cyanea Pall.

Authors: ÁLVAREZ, F. and AGUILERA, E.

Published: Volume 35(2), December 1988. Pages 269-275.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Sobre el dimorfismo sexual en el Rabilargo, Cyanopica cyanea Pall.

Keywords: Cyanopica cyanea and sexual dimorphism.


Sexual dimorphism was detected in eight standard measurements taken of adult specimens of Cyanopica cyanea: weight, length of bill, tarsus, claw of middle toe, depth of bill and tail length whereas no sexual difference was found in breadth of bill. Since no differences of diet between the sexes were detected it is suggested that the origin and maintenance of the sexual dimorphism are probably more related to factors operating during the various phases of reproduction.

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