Acoustic basis for a possible recognition of parents by offspring in the House Martin, Delichon urbica

Authors: URIBE, F. and HOSTAU, J.

Published: Volume 35(2), December 1988. Pages 284-290.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Bases acústicas para un posible reconocimiento de los padres por sus crías en el Avión Común, Delichon urbica

Keywords: acoustic recognition, breeding period, Delichon urbica and sonogram.


The acoustic repertoire of the House Martin, Delichon urbica, is short but the vocalizations near the nest are very complex and variable. The spectrograms (frequency-time) of these calls are hard to compare and classify. In order to simplify the analysis of the variability among the vocalizations of adults that feed different nests the averaged spectra (frequency-intensity) of the acoustic signals sent by adults before the entrance to 10 nearby nests have been obtained. These data allow a correct discrimination between the breeding pairs. The capability of the pattern of frecuencies for the vocal recognition of parents by their offspring is suggested.

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