Geographical trends in the food habits of Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos L.) in Navarra, northern Spain

Authors: FERNÁNDEZ, C. and PURROY, F. J.

Published: Volume 37(2), December 1990. Pages 197-206.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Tendencias geográficas en la alimentación del Águila Real (Aquila chrysaetos L.) en Navarra

Keywords: Aquila chrysaetos, Spain, food habits and geographic variations.


Dietary trends of Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos L.) in the north of Spain (Navarra) were studied using correspondence analysis (CA). Prey remains (amounting to 478 prey items) from twelve pairs during the breeding season were employed. Two trends appear from the analysis. One is towards a typically mediterranean diet which is largely based on rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) with red legged partridge (Alectoris rufa) of secondary importance and also including a range of reptiles (Lacertidae, Colubridae). The second is towards a much more diverse prey spectrum, an eurosiberian diet, based on hares (Lepus europaeus) and carnivores (Vulpes vulpes, Felis sp., Martes sp.). In this diet there is also carrion as well as other mammals, raptors, crows and other birds. As the mediterranean element and proportion of rabbits in the diet decreases there is an important increase in trophic diversity and prey size and to a moderate extent habitat use diversifies.

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