Laying date of the Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos L.) in Navarra, northern Spain.

Authors: FERNÁNDEZ, C.

Published: Volume 38(1), June 1991. Pages 29-36.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Fecha de puesta del Aguila Real (Aquila chrysaetos L.) en Navarra

Keywords: Aquila chrysaetos, laying date variations, Navarra and Spain.


The laying date variations of the Golden eagle were studied in Navarra (northern Spain) by aging the nestlings at distance by means of plumage development. The laying dates varied between 28 February and 4 April (mean = 13 March + 7,4 days, n = 77). There was not significant variation within years (1982-89) and between biogeographic areas (Pyrenees/Ebro Valley). On the avaliable data, the weather or breeding success did not appear to have influence on the laying date. The mean laying date in Navarra agrees exactly with that expected from the latitude (420º N).

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