The Marsh Sandpiper (Tringa stagnatilis) in Spain

Authors: VELASCO, T. 1992.

Published: Volume 39(1), June 1992. Pages 55-61.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: El Archibebe Fino (Tringa stagnatilis) en España

Keywords: migration, Spain, Tringa stagnatilis and wintering.


Wintering and migration of Tringa stagnatilis is studied in Spain by means of 357 records of 556 birds. Wintering is restricted to the Guadalquivir Marshes. Migration periods extend from early March to late May in spring, and from mid June to early November in autumn. December, April and September are the more important months in the three considered periods. Atlantic Andalucia, Mediterranean and Balearic Islands are the most important regions and Guadalquivir Marshes, Alcudia Albufera, Llobregat Delta and Valencia Albufera the most important sites. Marshes, coastal lagoons and deltas are the most suitable habitats. The species is basically detected lonely or in diads.

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