The migration of the Black Stork Ciconia nigra through peninsular Spain

Authors: MADROÑO, A., PALACIOS, C. J. and DE JUANA, E.

Published: Volume 39(1), June 1992. Pages 9-13.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: La migración de la Cigüeña Negra Ciconia nigra a través de España peninsular

Keywords: bird migration, Black Stork, Ciconia nigra and Spain.


A short review is presented on the migration of the Black Stork across the Iberian Peninsula, based on data in the literature, in the files of SEO and obtained by means of requests in magazines. The records have considerably increased, especially during the last ten years, in accordance with the information coming from the French Pyrenees. This also agrees with the population trends and the westwards range expansion that are taking place in Europe. Passage periods are March to May and late August to early November. Mean passage dates show an advancement in spring and a delay in autumn, of one month each, when compared with Belgium and the Netherlands. Most birds probably enter the Peninsula at both sides of the Pyrenees, especially the western one. Migration continues in a broad front across the Peninsula. Spring passage gives comparatively more records in the west and less near the Mediterranean sea.

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