Raptor rehabilitation and conservation: veterinarian aspects


Published: Volume 39(2), December 1992. Pages 49-64.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Rehabilitación de aves de presa y conservación: aspectos veterinarios

Keywords: Avian medicine, birds of prey, conservation, raptors, rehabilitation and veterinary.


Different aspects of the rehabilitation of birds of prey (Falconiformes, Strigiformes), are presented and discussed. Rehabilitation centers are justified by legal, humanitarian, scientific and conservation reasons, even recognizing their comparatively high cost. In each case a decision must be taken between starting a rehabilitation process, or sacrifying a bird, based in the type and degree of the injures present, the conservation status of the species involved, and the human, material and economical resources available. Also, the veterinary aspects of rehabilitation are detailed, from the clinical ones (manipulation, first care, physical examination, additional proofs, diagnosis and treatment), to the rehabilitation itself, the releasing and the final assessment. Finally, some recommendations stress that: i) there is a need of a certain especialization in the rehabilitation centers; ii) their proliferation should be kept under a limit, favouring instead a number of well-equipped ones; iii) an objective assessment of results is needed; iv) research in the rehabilitation centers must be encouraged, and v) advanced technology should be employed.

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