Influence of the breeding success on the re-use of nests by the Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos L.)

Authors: FERNÁNDEZ, C. and AZKONA, P.

Published: Volume 40(1), June 1993. Pages 27-31.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Influencia del éxito reproductor en la reutilización de los nidos por el Aguila Real (Aquila chrysaetos L.)

Keywords: Aquila chrysaetos, breeding success, nest, nest sanitation and nest re-use.


We analysed the relationship between breeding success and the change of nest by Golden Eagles in Northern Spain. Our results disagree with the hypothesis of Brown & Amadon (1968), since we did not detect any relationship between breeding failure and the re-use or change of the nest in the next breeding season. The frequencies of nest-change for 13 Golden Eagle pairs are significantly correlated with the number of available nests. The low number of nests maintained by some eagles seems to depend on low availability of suitable nest-sites in their territory. The alternative use by eagles of two closely placed nests might serve to avoid ectoparasitism in nests.

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