Habitat selection, flock size and local movements of the Alpine Accentor (Prunella collaris) in Sierra Nevada (SE Spain)


Published: Volume 42(1), June 1995. Pages 11-20.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Selección de hÁbitat, tamaño de bando y movimientos locales del Acentor Alpino (Prunella collaris) en Sierra Nevada (SE de España)

Keywords: group size, habitat selection, local movements, Prunella collaris, seasonal variation and Sierra Nevada


We made monthly transects along eighth itineraries noting the number of individuals in each flock of Alpine Accentors, the kind of habitat used, its exact location and the presence or not of ringed individuals. Results show that outside the breeding season, local population dynamics is conditioned mainly by (1) changes in the snow cover while it is continuous (winter and spring), causing association in large flocks and altitudinal movements; and (2) by the location of points where people (and so artificial food) concentrate, mainly at the end of the summer and winter. Males showed lower fidelity to the breeding area than did females from year to year, and more females than males left the high ranges during winter.

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