Nest predation rates in above-ground nesting Iberian paserines.

Authors: DE LA PUENTE, J. and YANES, M.

Published: Volume 42(2), December 1995. Pages 139-146.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Tasas de depredación en nido de paseriformes ibéricos nidificantes por encima del suelo.

Keywords: Iberian peninsula, Mayfield, nest predation and above-ground nesting passerines.


We describe the nest predation rates, estimated according to Mayfield's method (1961, 1975) on the basis of SEO/Birdlife nest record cards, for 25 species of Iberian passerines with above-ground nests. The predation rates ranges from 0-44%. There are no significant differences in the predation risk in nesting species between hole and branch nesters, regardless of whether the latter are in shrubs or trees. The predation rates do not appear to differ from those found in intensive studies in peninsular Spain, but are lower than those found in North America.

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