Effect of the cereal harvest and causes of reproductive failure in a breeding population of Montagu's Harrier (Circus pygargus L.) in the SE of Ciudad Real (central Spain).

Authors: CASTAÑO, J. P.

Published: Volume 42(2), December 1995. Pages 167-172.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Efecto de la actividad de siega y causas de fracaso reproductivo en una población de Aguilucho Cenizo (Circus pygargus L.) en el SE de Ciudad Real

Keywords: Circus pygargus, harvest, Montagu's Harrier, mortality causes and reproduction


Causes of clutch loss and nestling mortality have been studied in 134 nests of Montagu's Harrier in the SE of Ciudad Real (central Spain) during 1988-1994. In this area, Montagu's Harriers nest in cultivated lands (mainly cereal crops). Clutch loss affected up to 18% of nests. Nestling mortality affected up to 47% of chicks. The main cause of breeding failure in this population was cereal harvesting. Harvest mortality has been estimated about 70% of nestlings in this area when no protection activities are conducted. Relationships between mortality, type of crop used for nesting and date of breeding are discussed.

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