Fossil birds of the Iberian Pleistocene: Climatic, ecological, and zoogeographical traits

Authors: SÁNCHEZ, A.

Published: Volume 43(2), December 1996. Pages 207-219.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Aves fósiles del Pleistoceno ibérico: Rasgos climÁticos, ecológicos y zoogeogrÁficos

Keywords: fossil birds, Iberian Peninsula, paleoclimatology, paleoecology, paleozoogeography, Pleistocene and Quaternary.


Some paleoenvironmental traits of the Iberian Peninsula during the Pleistocene are drawn. The classical division of this period in Early, Middle and Upper Pleistocene has been followed since it has significance regarding climatic conditions and avian distribution in Iberia. Among the Upper Pleistocene localities, a selection of those most representative was made due to their fossil richness and geographical situation. Every Early and Middle Pleistocene deposit has been included because of the small number of them and the scarcity of remains. Unfortunately, some of the richest classical localities were to be disregarded for the present study. They offer quite a few of doubts about sedimentary and taxonomical identifications as well as correlations. Middle Pleistocene is represented by localities whose environments were characterised by bodies of water, as the most remarkable fossil groups in each site seem to indicate. This, at least local conditions, is not found for Late Pleistocene, when the remains of the oldest palaeornithocenoses are similar to recent ones excluding the irruption of northern species. Finally, on the brought on Pleistocene local environments, some interpretations of avian paleozoogeography and movement dynamics during Pleistocene glaciations are discussed.

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