Population dynamics of the Spanish imperial eagle Aquila adalberti in Toledo province (1989 - 2006)

Authors: Juan Pablo CASTAÑO

E-mail: JuanP.Castano@uclm.es

Published: Volume 54(2), December 2007. Pages 309-317.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: DinÁmica poblacional del Águila imperial ibérica Aquila adalberti en la provincia de Toledo (1989 - 2006)

Keywords: Aquila adalberti, breeding success, distribution, population, Spanish imperial eagle and Toledo


Aims: The main aim was to study changes in distribution, breeding population and breeding success and the potential effect of density on breeding success between 1989 and 2006 in the Spanish imperial eagle breeding in Toledo`s province (central Spain).

Methods: Available data for nest location and breeding success have been used to study changes in spatial distribution to UTM 10x10 squares scale, between years increasing of breeding population rates and detection rates of new breeding pairs. Differences in breeding success between areas and related to density of breeding pairs were also studied.

Results: Breeding distribution area has increased in about 200 % in the study period. Breeding population has increased to 20 pairs. A number of 33 new territories have been located over this period, but 13 territories have been disappeared. Productivity showed significant differences between areas. Productivity and fledging success were significant greater for breeding pairs located in high density squares.

Conclusions: The number of breeding pairs and the distribution of the species have increased to a great extent over the study period. The significant few breeding success of pairs located in low density areas could be explained for the greater occurrence of factors related to human disturbance in open-agricultural lands in comparison to the nests in high density squares located in woodlands of Montes de Toledo.

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