Correcting power lines in dispersal areas of Bonelli´s eagle: Potential effects on raptor community

Authors: Marcos MOLEÓN, Jesús BAUTISTA, José R. GARRIDO, Javier MARTÍN-JARAMILLO, Enrique ÁVILA and Agustín MADERO


Published: Volume 54(2), December 2007. Pages 319-325.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: La correción de tendidos eléctricos en Áreas de dispersión de Águila-azor perdicera: Efectos potenciales positivos sobre la comunidad de aves rapaces


An assessment was carried out on the potential effect of correcting power lines in juvenile dispersal areas of Bonelli´s eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus in Andalusia (southern Spain) on the reduction of mortality risk in the rest of raptor species. Three power lines located in three other Andalusian dispersal areas were intensively surveyed searching for raptors killed by electrocution. A total of 108 carcasses were found, 16 of Bonelli´s eagle (ca. 15 % of the total raptor mortality) and 92 belonging to other raptor species, It is estimated that a minimum of c.6 individuals (range: 3.5 - 7.4) of other bird of prey were killed for each Bonelli´s eagle electrocuted, irrespective of the raptor community characterizing each dispersal area. A minimum annual mortality rate of 7 Bonelli´s eagles and 37 other raptors was estimated for the last ten years in the whole Bonelli´s eagle dispersal areas of Andalusia, although the real rate must be higher. It was concluded that the Bonelli´s eagle can be considered as an "umbrella species" as conservation funds focused on correcting dangerous power lines in the dispersal areas of this species can avoid the risk of electrocution for many other birds of prey.

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