Occurrence of saker Falco cherrug in shouthern Iberia during the last pleniglacial

Authors: Antonio SÁNCHEZ MARCO

E-mail: mcnas539@mncn.csic.es

Published: Volume 54(2), December 2007. Pages 345-347.

Language: Spanish

Original Title: Presencia de halcón sacre Falco cherrug en el sur de Iberia durante el último pleniglacial


The finding of saker Falco cherrug in a fossil locality from southern Iberia, in sediments dated approximately between 29 and 24,000 yBP, corresponding to the last glacial stadial, is reported. This appearance constitutes the first occurrence outside its current geographical range, and this is a new evidence that supports the Iberian Peninsula as a refuge during the whole of the Pleistocene -even during the coldest phases-. A considerable part of Iberia kept Mediterranean conditions and received northern and eastern avian species during the cold pulses.

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