Differential age-related phenology in lesser black-backed gull Larus fuscus wintering in the Malaga area

Authors: Salvador GARCÍA-BARCELONA, José C. BÁEZ, Ana Luz MÁRQUEZ, Alba ESTRADA, Raimundo REAL and David MACÍAS

E-mail: jcarlos.baez@ma.ieo.es

Published: Volume 57(Especia, December 2010. Pages 129-134.

Language: English


We aimed to identify the existence of age-classes groups that shared similar seasonal patterns in migration movements for the lesser black-backed gull Larus fuscus. The gull age-classes groups were defined as sets of age-classes that were present in the harbour of Malaga (South of Spain) simultaneously during the wintering season.We distinguished ten groups of age-classes, which can be subsequently lumped into four big age-class groups: (i) immature stage-class, (ii) young breeders, (iii) age-classes from 6 to 11 years old, and (iv) age-classes older than 11 years old. Our present results supported the ‘dominance and arrival time model’.

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