Population survey of the common buzzard Buteo buteo on Madeira Island (Portugal)

Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.13157/arla.59.1.2012.145

Authors: Dorine Yvette Manon JANSEN

E-mail: dymjansen@hotmail.com

Published: Volume 59(1), June 2012. Pages 145-155.

Language: English


A survey was conducted on Madeira Island (Portugal) from 9 May to 2 June 2008 to determine population size and distribution of the common buzzard Buteo buteo. Distance sampling on foot was carried out along 87.6 km of transects. The species was present in small numbers in all areas sampled. Population size was estimated at 409 (95% CI 275-608) individuals at a density of 0.55 buzzards/km2 (95%CI 0.37-0.83), based on 39 observations. The present survey sets a baseline for future studies monitoring changes in the common buzzard population on Madeira.

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