Biometrics and sub-especific identification of white-spoted bluethroats Luscinia svecica cyanecula and L. s. namnetum during autoum


Authors: Júlio Manuel NETO and Edna CORREIA


Published: Volume 59(2), December 2012. Pages 309-315.

Language: English


Detailed analyses of the biometrics of white-spotted bluethroats captured in the Iberian Peninsula and sub-SaharanAfrica show that previous criteria for diagnosing subspecies are inadequate. This deficiency seems to result from feather wear during the breeding period and so new criteria are proposed for the migratory and wintering periods. Foreign recoveries in Portugal indicate that the new criteria work better during these periods but, a small proportion of misidentifications are still likely to occur. As bimodality is shown by biometric traits other than wing length, further refinements should consider the use of multiple traits as well as genetic markers.

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