Census of breeding birds and population trends of the Dupont´s lark Chersophilus duponti in eastern Spain

Doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.13157/arla.60.1.2012.143

Authors: Cristian PÉREZ-GRANADOS and Germán M. LÓPEZ-IBORRA

E-mail: cristian.perez@ua.es

Published: Volume 60(1), June 2013. Pages 143-150.

Language: English


We present the results of a breeding census of Dupont’s Lark carried out in the Autonomous Community of Valencia in 2011 using the mapping method and an analysis of the recent trend for this population. The population was estimated at 44-47 males, located in five habitat patches of the Rincón de Ademuz, in zones where the species had been detected previously. Density in these patches fits within values expected according to the relation between patch size and density found in the populations of the nearby provinces. Comparison to previous studies reveals that population of Valencia has suffered an annual decline rate of around 10% on average, thus the implementation of a conservation plan is required to ensure the survival of the species in the study area.

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