Attraction of other species by Bluethroat Luscinia svecica song playback during autumn migration: an experimental test using bird-ringing data


Authors: Iván DE LA HERA, Philippe FONTANILLES, Lucas DELALANDE, Anouk GLAD and Tom SARRAUDE


Published: Volume 64.1, January 2017. Pages 91-99.

Language: English

Keywords: Adour, conspecific attraction, lme4, tape-lure and Turdidae


Song playback of a particular avian species is well-known to have the potential to bias the sample of conspecifics that can be captured during mist-netting sessions, with respect to sex, age or body condition. However, the possibility that playback affects heterospecific captures has been less explored and lacks solid experimental evidence. In this study, we used an experimental approach to test whether Bluethroat Luscinia svecica song playback altered the overall number of individuals of other species captured during autumn migration in a wetland in southwestern France. We found that playback increased the capture rates of species that were not the direct target of the playback. This heterospecific attraction effect should be assessed and carefully considered when designing any avian monitoring programme.

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